Beauty is an inherent quality of our reality, energetic nourishment essential to our thriving. Beautycards offer a fresh, engaging way of opening to beauty in your everyday life. 

Eat deeply and be nourished.

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Serenity comes from a deep inner knowing that all is well. It is a secret smile upon the heart, upwelling and still all at once. Find a tranquil spot and cultivate calm serenity.

A doorway into timelessness,beauty is an invitation to now. 


Compassion starts with your own heart. Find a softer way to hold your image of yourself. Breathe softness in, then out to the situation around you.

3 Beauty Ideas

Beauty is everywhere

Look, smell, listen, feel. Beauty permeates our world. We only need to make the smallest efforts to notice it. A sunset, a smile, a purring cat, a leaf, a well-built building, a crack in the sidewalk. As an integral part of our world, we know it from the deepest part of our being. Beauty abounds.

Beauty is a doorway

As you become more aware of beauty, more beauty comes to your awareness. Your personal world becomes magnetic to beauty. You may feel as if you’ve stepped through a magical doorway that deepens your perceptions, highlights the wonder, and enriches each moment. Your focus is the key. 

Beauty is nourishment

Like food, water and breath, beauty is nourishment. Noticing beauty, enhanced by your appreciation and wonder, feeds you at a deep level. The energy patterns of beauty mesh with the molecules of your body, the flow of your emotions and the fluidity of your thoughts. All your being is enhanced by immersion in beauty. 

Eat deeply and be nourished.