About Miriam 

Miriam Trahan is a photographer, teacher, musician, writer and wise-woman.

She lives with her husband and family of beloved pets in an enchanted garden on the island of Maui. Miriam holds a BS in Psychology, a yoga teaching certification and is a PranaVayu Breath Master. A lifelong student of consciousness, spirituality and all the big questions, she is a scribe and translator of her deepest inquiries. Miriam strives to relay complex questions and new ideas into readily accessible forms, to inform, to open and to inspire. 

Heartfelt Thanks

joan selix berman designs--Without joan's artistic eye and deep skill set, this project might never have gotten off the ground. Her gorgeous style brought out the best in the cards.

Abigail Perrin--Possessing a keen eye, style and grace, I'm truly lucky you decided to work with me on all my various projects. 

My husband Peter-- He gets me. And believes in my creative vision. Deepest appreciation. 

Miranda--You are the inspiration of it all. Your creative voice and courage to meet the day inspire me. 

Ben--Thanks for having my back every day. And for walking with me in the forest.

Caroline--You looked at endless revisions, worked with the cards to study their uses and shared your sunshine. Gratitude doesn't begin to cover it, but it's what I got.

Devon--The best bestie. Thanks for cheering me on and having all those deep spiritual conversations that enlighten and inform this work. You made it all make sense on so many levels. 

And to you, my fellow explorers

Thank you for coming along on this journey of wonder. It is an honor to walk with you and to investigate these new excursions into the consciousness of humanity becoming...

Homo Illuminati--The Illumined Ones