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A process for shifting energy using Beauty as your guide

There comes a time when we begin to see things from a new perspective. We may begin to think of things as patterns or as part of a larger whole. In adopting this new vantage point we realize we have the power to perceive things as energy and then perhaps to shift things as energy. This is somewhat different from the way our personality usually sees things. The personality is deep inside the events of your world, where your everyday mind resides. Venturing farther afield one encounters the broader mind, a higher mind that can perceive the larger patterns of things and begin to see things as flows of energy. 

So perhaps you have situation you would like influence. Perhaps your ordinary ways of interacting or shifting (even controlling?) have met with resistance or a dead end. Here is a way to begin feeling around for a new way to interact with your reality...

1. Notice the issue or challenge.

2. Soften your ordinary mind and ask for Beauty to be your guide. Breathe. Be still.

3. Ask: what is ready to shift? Receive this information from within, allowing higher knowing to lead your focus. Even if you don't receive a clear message, let that be for now. Allow space for the knowing to come at any time, now or in the future. 

4. Allow the shift to occur. Allowing means letting go, not directing, not figuring it out. Observe. Wonder. Feel.

5. Watch for Beauty to increase, to inspire and refresh you as you move back into your day. 

Choose a Beauty card at any point in this process. The words and ideas on the card will be an aspect that will allow an increase of Beauty into your life. Be open to ideas, gentle urgings, impulses. Your inner being will be working with you to open you to the shift you have requested.