The timelines have most definitely split. The time of choosing is upon us. 

There are two lines of flow happening simultaneously, contrary to our notions of how time operates. In truth time has always operated like this, it just happens beneath our notice. Timelines split and merge and flow and braid together like music from an orchestra. Our brains organize the flows so it seems we are just moving along a single linear dimension, because in a way, we are. This is a paradox: that there are multiple timelines, they braid and split, and we only perceive one time. 

Until now. Now is a confusing, powerful time because everyone alive, including all forms of consciousness, is able to perceive more than one timeline as we move along our seemingly singular lives. This pinpoint of consciousness necessary to incarnate is our gift. It allows us to focus without becoming confused and overwhelmed, as we flow along through the myriad of choices available to us as unfolding beings. 

Until now. Now there are two nascent timelines visible and tangible at once. This is rather unprecedented in the experience of mass of human consciousness. Animals and plants are rather more flexible in their experiences of timelines, and they are more fluid in their approach. Therefore it is somewhat less impactful or upsetting as it seems to be to humans at this moment in the time/space continuum.

Now is not just now, but multiple nows. There are in fact more than two time streams available to humanity at this moment. There are the two obvious ones deriving from the split among humans in their cultural moment. These two paths are of equal value and weight to humanity in terms of choice to follow. All paths lead home, to the One. It is at this moment a personal preference—what parameters one might follow and which teachings one is studying—that determines one’s choice. 

There is actually a third way, a third nascent timeline that is forming and coming into being. It is materializing from the invisible gridwork that surrounds and enfolds and calls forth. It is an accelerated path to Oneness and is available to those who have taken the path of deep work to unfold at this time to the highest available to humanity. (The words we have to use to explain implies a ‘better than’ or ‘best’ or holier path. These terms imply a kind of hierarchy that is useful to humans but dissolves at higher levels.) 

This third way is a kind of merging of the two that have split. (It is not a repudiation of that which has come before but a distillation of all that is of the pure tones that can ascend into the higher realms. That which cannot ascend dissolves into its essential particles and rejoins the field of the unmanifest.) And also a divergence from both. It is a way of light and lightness, a way of luminosity and spaciousness, a way of beauty and shimmering compassion and Oneness. Consciousness abounds and all is reverberating in the light being brought forth at this time.

For the split of the two paths will braid back together somewhere along the time continuum. In the probable future of mankind’s consciousness, the timeline resolves into oneness, many eons hence. Like a discordant minor chord in a greater symphonic work, the music resolves into a major chord that feels much like relief. There are many alive now who wish for this resolution sooner rather than later. It is possible for the resolution to come sooner, if that is the dominant focus/portrayal of the masses of consciousness upon the real. We shall see. 

For now, as lightworkers, it is possible to rise above the split energies, to come to harmony inside one’s own consciousness and life-field for which one is responsible. This harmony aids the masses of beings who are struggling with life circumstances, shortages, bleeding out of energies vital to life. This harmony unveils the truth of abundance and energetic nourishment. To allow the harmony to flow freely is the highest path for now. Lightworkers who can sense the grid work can add harmony whereever there is an opening or space or gap. Sing your note. Allow your inner voice to combine with the voices of the angelic kingdom, the inner beings, the guides and saints. For all creation sings now. All creation is raising their voices. Some voices are in powerful anguish and pain. This is real and part of the evolution of this time. These voices can be brought into harmony, however, this is not a process to be rushed or short-circuited. It is essential for this suffering and dis-ease to be expressed and experienced before it can clear. This is difficult for many of you, we know. However it is and is and is. 

The third way will assist you who are sensitive and deeply entrained to the powerful flows of light and spirit. Many who are incarnate at this time are quite pure and therefore somewhat delicate for this rough and tumble incarnation. We send our blessings to each of you who feels this so powerfully and offer our assistance. We thank you for your willingness to serve in these powerful times. 

Rise up singing. Allow your voice to be heard. Sing your tone and your note and your song. Harmonize with all creation, for it is coming more alive and conscious alongside all of you who are in human form. Help each other, align with the spiritual energies that are flowing from the stars, from Nature, from the planets and cosmos, from the deepest realms that are in congruence with this realm. 

This evolution is ongoing and the focus of all of Creation at this time. Know that intrinsically all is well and is unfolding as has been orchestrated. There is much work to do and the tools for this work is at hand. Do not despair, for all is well and true. 

That is all. 

Haiku HI October 1, 2017 7:48 am