Softening Stone

Ancient Inca high in the Andes mountains created stone walls and cities with extraordinary precision, tightly fitting mammoth stones into distinct arrangements that seem incredibly solid, yet also seem to breathe with the heaving of the earth’s movements, falling back into place after these shifts.

The local legends of Peru tell of a race of people who could use sound to shift the massive stones from the quarry to their resting place in the walls that persist to this day, testimony to a technology of which we no longer have memory.

The soundings of the people of this ancient realm not only lifted the stones, but softened them, made them subtly malleable as so much clay, then gently piled them together. With the releasing of the sounds, the stones returned to their previous state of solidity, albeit in a new arrangement of the walls. Newly aligned, the stones took on edges and features that connected them each to each, in a patterns that persist across thousands of years.

This is not magic. This is a type of science that we have not made use of in a very long time. Inklings persist in our scientific explorations to this day. Consistent, repeating patterns appear when musical tones are expressed onto a flexible membrane covered with sand grains to form the patterns. It’s become clear that underlying our reality is a radiant geometry. This has been known in sacred texts for millennia. It appears in our physics and our humble singing to the sand.

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Perhaps the world we perceive is not as dense and solid as we’ve been taught to believe. Perhaps our beliefs build the foundation of our experience in a more profound way than we’ve imagined. Understanding this opens a portal to a limitless model of experience. That is, it’s all more malleable than we’ve been led to believe.

So within each individual psyche, each individual expression of stone-shaped beliefs, we can begin to soften. In these powerful times when old structures are tumbling all around us and energies are being released to refresh and begin again, we each have the opportunity to soften stone, to examine our personal storehouse of beliefs and determine which is based on universal truth, and which is not. In this softening we have the opportunity to release that which is no longer serving us, and to reshape that which is amenable to carrying that tone of truth out into our reality.

We can pivot at any moment to something deeper and more resonant with the harmonizing values of highest and best for ourselves and our collectives.

We can soften stone.