Beautycards Canvas Prints

Beauty front and back.jpeg

Canvas prints of 12 select beautycards are now available for purchase. Prints can be sold as individual front copies, back copies, or as a front and back package deal. Beauty, Kindness, Opening, Letting Go, Cleansing, Soul, Calibrate, Presence, Grounding, Mud, Next Steps, and Breathe are all featured.

grounding front and back.jpeg

Beautycards canvas prints can be used to bring a positive reminder to therapy groups, counseling offices, classrooms, wellness facilities, yoga studios, as well as your home. They can serve as a gentle encouragement to embrace beauty and the enlightenment that comes with it. 

nextsteps front and back.jpeg

Prints come in two sizes: Large (front) 20"x30" and Small (back) 12"x16". Large prints are available for $100, small prints for $40, and for a pair of small and large prints, we'll offer a discounted price of $120.