What if Beauty were a nutrient like protein or water that is essential for our thriving? 

Beauty is an inherent quality of our reality from the tiniest seed or the smallest bird to the order of the stars and the balance of our very being. Beauty exists as a permanent and inseparable element.  Just as the atoms arrange and collect to form molecules according to immutable laws of the universe, Beauty is arranged within the matrix of us.

We think of nutrients as being of a physical and chemical nature—water, proteins, fats, etc. But what about energetic nutrients? Humans are beginning to realize the true nature of our reality is one of vibration and energy. One of those essential vibrations is Beauty. Love is another of these vibrational nutrients. Without these energetic nutrients we fail to thrive. 

As you notice beauty, more beauty appears to be noticed. Your awareness becomes magnetic to beauty. You notice more beauty and there IS more beauty. As you ALLOW beauty to fill your senses and your consciousness, something deep within you starts to shift. You feel more hopeful, like there are suddenly more possibilities in your personal reality. 

Think of it this way: Imagine a pipe with clear water flowing through it. This water is your vitality, your life force, your flow. Your thoughts and beliefs are sometimes like a muddy sludge that impedes the flow. You are meant to direct this flow to fulfill your needs. Noticing beauty and allowing it to fill you cleanses this pipe that is your connection with your Source. It nourishes you on a deep level. It allows life to flow through your consciousness unimpeded. 

Bring this essence of beauty out into your day, or into your meditation or practice. Let it permeate your consciousness and see what happens. Follow beauty. It will never steer your wrong. For it is truth. It is permanent. It is real. It is food for your soul. Eat deeply and be nourished.


Building your Beauty Sense

Our ability to sense beauty is a natural knowingness. As we notice more beauty we are actively cultivating our Beauty Sense. Like a muscle that gets stronger as we use it, our sense of beauty stirs within us a greater capacity for and attention to the beauty in the world around us. 

Here are 3 steps to allowing and creating a more beautiful world for you.

     Focus (choose beauty)

        What you focus upon is your choice. When you perceive something, your connection to it creates a line of energy. These lines are invisible to the eye but form the world you perceive. Pattern upon pattern is laid down in your personal, intimate creation of your world.

    Reception (allow beauty)

        Allowing beauty to expand in your awareness creates powerful patterns of well-being.  These invisible focus lines flowing from the outer world to your inner world create a new way of being, a new sense.

    Refinement (cultivate beauty)

        Create beauty. Celebrate beauty. Expand into beauty. Let’s see what kind of world we can co-create. For even as we are in our own individual interpretations of the world, we co-create it together with all the other consciousnesses in this realm. Let’s shape a Beauty world.